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Fic master page: "Drive" - Iron Man (movieverse), Tony/Pepper, R

Title: "Drive"
Written for the Valentine's challenge at its_always_been.

Rating: This chapter, PG-13. Overall, a hard R.
Warnings: Sex, and lots of it.
Summary: Tony and Pepper attempt a "friends with benefits" arrangement.

Author's notes: I don't normally post works in progress, but I wanted to get this in under the deadline. The story is a long one, and is inspired by Melissa Ferrick's "Drive", a song I heard for the first time after luckytohaveher  included it in her fabulous fanmix "it's in your frequency."

luckytohaveher also made me this wicked banner:

This story is a bit of a departure from the kind of thing I usually write. One, it's long. I don't normally do sustained plot--snapshots are more my style. Two, there's a lot of sex. I've really only ever written one smutty story before, ever, and there was no actual sex in it, just a lot of talking. So I hope you all enjoy it. Especially you, luckytohaveher , since it's basically your fault I wrote this. Here goes. Let me know what you think.

1. If You Want This

2. Ask Nicely
3. Stretched Out
4. Hold and Hide
5. Between Your Hips
6. In the Back Seat
7. Business Hours
8. Feel the Daylight
9. On My Bed
10. I'll Hold You Up 
11. All the Love You Give
Tags: drive, everyone else is doing it, fandom friends are the best friends, fanmix, fic, iron man, prompts, tony/pepper
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